2013 Faculty Collaboration Grant Recipients

"Exploring Artistic Conceptualization vs. Hypothesis Driven Interpretation of Observations"
Jotham Austin II, Director of the Electron Microscopy Core Facility; Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
Shane Huffman, Artist, Lecturer, Department of Visual Arts

By conflating their individual practices and methodologies to explore natural world connections, hypothetical and conceptual, they aim to create a new and challenging body of art from this collaboration. They hope to produce a book and/or a scientific journal article that documents the entire process from individual notebooks.  These notebooks will document the collaborative process that will include thoughts, struggles, notes, sketches, and what each person is learning from the other as the project progresses.  Hopefully, by highlighting pitfalls, struggles, and the successes the occur throughout the collaborative process, they will make the process easier for future artist and scientist to collaborate.  They also see this documentation of our collaborative process as holding the strong potential of spawning a new art-science course.

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