Research in the Urban Context

Arts + Public Life engages in projects and networks with other urban practitioners to effectuate neighborhood development and community transformations that consider artists and arts as core animators of change.

Elevated Chicago

Elevated Chicago is an initiative formed to promote racial equity, prosperity and resiliency in Chicago communities by using equitable transit-oriented development as the catalyst for change. Led by a collaborative of nonprofit, public and private organizations, Elevated Chicago aims to turn the half-mile radii around transit stations into racially equitable centers for climate resiliency, health and culture. Our work is guided by the core principles of adaptability, impact, inclusion, innovation and transparency. By enabling community-driven development, Elevated Chicago will position station areas as civic assets where programming and the built environment converge to create nodes of opportunity and connection across the region’s vast transit system.

Place Lab 2014–2017

Place Lab, a three-year project funded by the James S. and John L. Knight Foundation, was dedicated to fostering a fundamental shift in urban development policies in the U.S. and around the world through immersive arts and culture transformations. Learn more by visiting the Place Lab website.


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