Current Exhibition:


Still Here: Torture, Resiliency and the Art of Memorializing 

Exhibition Dates: March 15-April 26, 2019

Exhibition Opening: 
Friday, March 15, 2019 | 6:00-8:00pm | FREE
Arts Incubator Gallery, 301 E Garfield Blvd., Chicago, IL  |  FREE

Presented by 
Arts + Public Life and Chicago Torture Justice Memorials

Curated by
Hannah Jasper, Independent Interdisciplinary Curator, Arts + Public Life Exhibition Coordinator

Monica Chadha/Nelly Agassi, Juan Chavez, Sonja Henderson, Andres Hernandez, Preston Jackson, Patricia Nguyen/John Lee

Still Here is an exhibition showcasing six design proposals submitted by commissioned artists which will become the Chicago Torture Justice Memorial. The public memorial brings awareness to the torture of more than 120 Black men and women from 1972 to 1991 by the Chicago Police Department under the direction of former Police Commander Jon Burge. The memorial is intended to honor the decades-long struggle for justice, as well as the survivors, families, and communities targeted by Burge and his midnight crew.  LEARN MORE



The exhibitions program at the Arts Incubator offers a platform for Chicago-based artists to thoughtfully engage with the global, contemporary art world in a localized environment. The unique positioning of this program acts as a catalyst for collaboration and exchange, creating a dynamic and critical space.

Exhibitions are realized throughout the entirety of the building and the surrounding Washington Park area, fusing temporal, public space with the dedicated interior. This coupling is echoed with the public programming efforts, as we introduce the work of national artists to the local conversation.