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South Side Speculations 

Exhibition Dates: January 18th-March 1st

Exhibition Opening: 
Friday, January 18, 2019 | 6:00-8:00pm | FREE

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Jennifer Brier, Ph.D, Director of Gender & Women’s Studies Program, University of Illinois-Chicago
Ireashia Bennett, Chicago-based photographer, multimedia artist, and emerging filmmaker; Audio-Visual Production Specialist for the Transmedia Story Lab

South Side Speculations grew out of a two-year intergenerational collaboration among Chicago-based high school students, arts and humanities scholars, and practicing artists and storytellers. It investigates the impact of structural violence on health and wellness across the South Side, with a particular focus on Englewood, Greater Grand Crossing, Washington Park, and Woodlawn. Resisting progress narratives that promise things will always get better and nostalgic accounts of carefree pasts, this exhibition asks how economic, political and cultural structures evolve in the past, present, and future. It imagines alternative physical and social infrastructures for neighborhoods and communities, details complex social determinants of health, and documents ever present policing.


JAN 24 | 6pm
Speculating the Past: A Panel on Intergenerational History

FEB 9 | 11am
Speculative Design Makers Session

FEB 12 | 6pm
Speculating the Future: A Panel on Afrofuturism

FEB 28 | 6pm
Speculating the Now: A Panel on Healing Justice



The exhibitions program at the Arts Incubator offers a platform for Chicago-based artists to thoughtfully engage with the global, contemporary art world in a localized environment. The unique positioning of this program acts as a catalyst for collaboration and exchange, creating a dynamic and critical space.

Exhibitions are realized throughout the entirety of the building and the surrounding Washington Park area, fusing temporal, public space with the dedicated interior. This coupling is echoed with the public programming efforts, as we introduce the work of national artists to the local conversation.