Upcoming Exhibition:

 The Teen Perception

I’m Down For Whatever: The Teen Perception
April 6 - May 10, 2018

Curated by the Teen Arts Council
Arts + Public Life Education Program

This exhibition voices the perspective and outlook of teens from the Chicagoland area: As teens living in Chicago, how do we view our past, present and future? How do we respond to certain situations? How do we explore our artistic views? 

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The exhibitions program at the Arts Incubator offers a platform for Chicago-based artists to thoughtfully engage with the global, contemporary art world in a localized environment. The unique positioning of this program acts as a catalyst for collaboration and exchange, creating a dynamic and critical space.

Exhibitions are realized throughout the entirety of the building and the surrounding Washington Park area, fusing temporal, public space with the dedicated interior. This coupling is echoed with the public programming efforts, as we introduce the work of national artists to the local conversation


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