January 16, 2012

Photos by Alexandra Perez and Amanda Ratliff

Chicago Careers in the Arts (CCIA) recently took University of Chicago students on a trip to New York to visit and network with alumni, artists, and other professionals in arts-related fields. Student photographers Alexandra Perez and Amanda Ratliff documented the trip, which included a visit to the studio of painter Wolf Kahn AB’50.

Formed in 2010, CCIA was created to foster professional development for students interested in careers in the arts or the arts-related fields of entertainment and media. In addition to visiting people and sites throughout Chicago, students can join CCIA treks to visit New York, Los Angeles, and other international arts and entertainment centers to network, research, and get an intimate look at a variety of art worlds and careers.

“This is the sort of intimate contact students hoping to build careers in the worlds of arts and entertainment need,” says CCIA Program Director Lloyd Brodnax King.