The Green Line Performing Arts Center signals The University of Chicago’s continued support for community-based art and arts as an economic driver in the Washington Park neighborhood. As the most recent addition to the arts and cultural spaces on the Arts Block, the Green Line Performing Arts Center (GLPAC) is designed for and dedicated to performance-based practices. GLPAC will build on Arts + Public Life’s (APL) mission of building creative connections on Chicago’s South Side and providing platforms for artists as agents of change. APL will build upon existing partnerships with local artists and arts organizations and incubate new creative relationships with theater companies, ensembles, and collectives.

The new facility and programming establish a much-needed platform on Chicago’s South Side for theatre residencies, rehearsals, training, performance, and performance-based education. GLPAC will showcase important work by internationally renowned artists, alongside emerging and established local talent. In one space, works can be developed, crafted, produced, as well as experienced through a vast array of public performances.

APL will seek Chicago-based theater companies and productions whose work examines themes relevant to South Side communities and engage issues of race and ethnicity. Themes include questions of discrimination, anti-racism, and institutional manifestations and those that deepen understandings of race, class, gender, and sexualities, as well as their intersections and implications. The programs at GLPAC will advance the opportunities available to performers, companies, and producers who are underrepresented in the Chicago and national arts scenes.

Building on the Arts Incubator’s commitment to support arts industry training, GLPAC will cultivate a creative workforce in trades associated with performance-based production and design. This includes, set-building, tech, lighting, sound and production.

RELATED NEWS: September 22, 2017

Construction of Green Line Arts Center, opening of Rain Garden mark progress on the Arts Block

The vision for the Arts Block moves closer to reality this September with the beginning of construction for the first phase of the Green Line Arts Center and the opening of the Rain Garden as a new community space.

The University of Chicago announced in June 2016 that it would work with community partners to reactivate vacant spaces and establish a major arts and culture corridor along East Garfield Boulevard from South Prairie Avenue to South Martin Luther King Drive in Washington Park. The Arts Center, envisioned as an interdisciplinary hub at the forefront of visual, performing, and media arts for individual artists and cultural organizations, will be a key component of the Arts Block.

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Green Line Performing Arts Center

Opening & Community Celebration
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