A joint enterprise of the Harris School of Public Policy and the Arts + Public Life initiative, Place Lab is dedicated to fostering a fundamental shift in urban development policies in the U.S. and around the world through immersive arts and culture transformations. Combining Place Lab’s innovative place-based practices with Harris’s longstanding commitment to cultural policy and rigorous evidence-based analysis, the new Place Lab seeks to be a catalyst for expanded impact at the intersection of arts, culture and public policy around the globe.

Driven by a team of practitioners from diverse fields, Place Lab facilitates the intentional capital, creative and intellectual investment in a place by re-activating abandoned and under-used assets as cultural sites.

The Place Lab serves as a hub for cultural policy conversations, a resource for artists and creatives and a point of connection to the global cultural policy community. In addition to traditional scholarship, research and fieldwork, it facilitates public convenings, symposia, mentorship and leadership development for professionals interested in culture-led transformation projects and the ways policy can enable significant and positive change.


Place Lab

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