Off-Off Campus is the second oldest continuously running student improvisational theater troupe in the country with the first generation dating back to 1986.

Off-Off Campus presents a five-week revue every quarter. Every Friday, from 4th-8th weeks, Off-Off Campus presents a completely new Improv and/or Sketch Comedy Show.  Shows are Fridays at 7:30pm at The Revival at 1160 East 55th Street. 

There are also shorter shows (Pre-Glows/After-Glows) before and after each mainstage show, which are either performances from other members of Off-Off Campus or Music/Performance groups around Campus. 

Auditions for the newest Generation of Off-Off take place early every Fall.

For comprehensive Off-Off Campus news and information see our website.

For more information email Pearson Goodman, Production Manager. 

Presenting our current performers, the 30th Generation:

Mr. Jake Daniels
Ms. Marlo Knapp-Fadani
Mr. Chase Harrison
Mr. Sampson Ohringer
Ms. Hannah Skaran
Mr. Jack Wanberg
Ms. Regina Wen

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