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Host Bill Hutchison (PhD Candidate, Department of English, UChicago) conducts a conversation with composer Pierce Gradone (PhD Candidate, Music, UChicago), while host Anya Bershad (PhD, MD candidate, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, UChicago) is out of town at a conference. Pierce, a 2015–16 Arts, Science & Culture Fellow, discusses the intradisciplinary distinctions between musicians and composers; his musical family, and their tradition of singing harmonies while driving cross-country; his early introduction to the upright bass and the influence of Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets"; and the choreographed interplay of order and open-endedness that characterize his compositions. Listen carefully for the clips of Pierce's music scattered through the interview, and the game of "alternate universe" that wraps up the episode.

Hosts Anya Bershad (PhD, MD candidate, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, UChicago) and Bill Hutchison (PhD Candidate, Department of English, UChicago) interview Mikki Kressbach (PhD Candidate, Cinema & Media Studies, UChicago). Mikki, a 2015-16 Arts, Science & Culture Fellow, discusses her research into the world of medicine and media: the conversation forays into her analysis of microscopic imagery in contemporary film and television; embarks on a discussion of infectious disease as represented in new forms of media; reveals her fascination with surgical museums; and ends with a lively game of "disciplinary free association."

Anya Bershad (PhD, MD candidate, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, UChicago) and Bill Hutchison (PhD Candidate, Department of English, UChicago) interview Martin Sheeler (PhD candidate, Physics, UChicago). The conversation weaves between Martin's work on knotting and vortexes, his interdisciplinary work with Jonathan Rockford (MFA Fiber & Material Studies, SAIC) as a 2014–15 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Collaboration Grantee, and the role Magic: The Gathering plays in all of this.

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Profiles, Sound Bites, Interviews

JUNE 2017 Our latest profile is on outgoing Graduate Fellow Tyler Schroeder, a PhD student in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies. Bill Hutchison caught up with Tyler before the film student set off for the summer to pursue further research in film archives in Berlin and Dresden. Read Bill's write-up about their conversation here.

MARCH 2017 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellow manager Bill Hutchison talked Jonathan Swift, cats, garbage, poetry, and abandoned theme parks with ASCI Graduate Fellow Allison Turner. Read his profile of the UChicago English PhD candidate here.

JANUARY 2017 Bill Hutchison (2013–14 Collaboration Grantee and 2017–18 Graduate Fellow) sat down with Damien Bright (PhD student, Anthropology; 2014–15 Collaboration Grantee and 2015–16 Graduate Fellow) to discuss his research into the Great Barrier Reef and the politics and policies that continually arise around it. Read about it here.

DECEMBER 2014 We had a chance to catch up with Bill Hutchison (PhD candidate, English, UChicago) and Anya Bershad (PhD, MD candidate, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, UChicago) about their 2013–14 Graduate Collaboration Grant project Fiction Addition. Read the interview here.

DECEMBER 2014 We were excited at the opportunity to ask poet and 2014–15 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellow Hannah Brooks-Motl (PhD student, English, UChicago) for some insight into her process, her thoughts on poetry and scholarship, and to get some updates on her upcoming research trip to California. Read the interview here.

JANUARY 2015 Shane DuBay (PhD candidate, Committee on Evolutionary Biology, UChicago) and Carl Fuldner (PhD candidate, Department of Art History, UChicago) are one of seven collaborative teams to have received a Graduate Collaboration Grant in 2014–15. During their research at the Field Museum, they encountered some interesting, and unexpected, scientific findings. Read the interview here.

MAY 2015 Richard Williamson (MFA candidate, Visual Art, UChicago) was selected as one of six 2014–15 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellows. Williamson's work is playful, absurd, deadly serious, and often (quite literally) a little off-color. In the spirit of Williamson's work, we sent him a number of redacted interview questions for him to interpret and respond to. The conversation moves through a discussion of his traveling project space Good Times Waiting Room, the role of "free zones" in his work, and his experience as an Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellow. Read the interview here.

MAY 2015 We sat down two of our 2014-15 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellows, Mallory James (PhD student, Anthropology) and Daniel Reid (MS candidate, Institute for Molecular Engineering), to interview each other. James is in the initial stages of researching engineering and and technologist corporate communities in Australia; Reid is researching the behavior and function of glassy materials in a simulation group at the Institute for Molecular Engineering.

JULY 2015 Andrew McManus (PhD, Music, UChicago) was one of six 2014–15 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellows, after having received a 2013–14 Graduate Collaboration Grant for his project Neurosonics: Rhythmic Stimulation of Epileptic Cell Cultures in collaboration with Tahra Eissa (PhD candidate, Neurobiology, UChicago). Read more about Andrew and his work here.

JANUARY 2016 Nicole James (PhD candidate, Chemistry, UChicago) and April Martin (MFA candidate, Sculpture, SAIC) were recipients of a 2015–16 Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Collaboration Grant for their project Crystals: Order and Disorder. Over the course of the year, they asked each other: what is the role of disorder in the formation of material structures? Read more about April and Nicole here.