Organizations across the University of Chicago offer a variety of resources designed to support creative endeavors, arts practice and research, exhibition and performance, and professional development across the campus. A variety of grants, fellowships, funds, and prizes are available.

The funding sources below are organized according to the eligibility of particular applicant groups: University-supported organizations, units, and individuals; individual students or Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs); faculty, full-time lecturers, and instructors; and alumni. Since these groups overlap, some funding sources are cross-listed.

In addition to exploring the funding opportunities listed below, we encourage you to contact University departments and centers whose work relates to your individual project.


University-Supported Organizations, Units, and Individuals

UChicago Arts Grants

Funded by: UChicago Arts Fund
Award range: up to $5,000
Applications reviewed quarterly

The UChicago Arts Grants program solicits original ideas from faculty and staff for the creation and presentation of projects in the arts. The program is particularly interested in funding projects that encourage collaboration between the arts and other disciplines.

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Individual Students or Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)

Student Fine Arts Fund

Funded by: Student Creativity Fund
Award range: up to $1,500
Applications reviewed quarterly

The Student Fine Arts Fund assists the implementation of imaginative student-led projects with grants up to $1,500, and particularly seeks to fund projects that would not typically receive support from other organizations. This grant may also be used to augment existing funding to extend an artist's time on campus, in the form of a master class or interactive discussion.

Student Creativity Grants

Funded by: Student Creativity Fund
Award range: up to $5,000
Applications reviewed quarterly

The Student Creativity Grants program solicits original ideas from students and RSOs for the creation and presentation of projects in the arts. The program is particularly interested in funding projects that encourage collaboration between the arts and other disciplines.

UChicago Arts Student Summer Fellowships

Funded by: Student Creativity Fund
Award range: $1,500
Applications reviewed annually at the end of Winter Quarter

The UChicago Arts Student Summer Fellowships program awards $1,500 grants to students undertaking original projects over the summer. Such projects might involve original reporting, choreography, sculpture, painting, multi-media, music composition, script-writing, or translation. Generally, projects should be intended for production, performance, or publication during the next academic year.

Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellows

Funded by: Arts, Science + Culture Initiative
Award range: -

A cohort of approximately six Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Fellows meet monthly throughout the academic year to discuss each other’s work and exchange methodological insights and tools from their respective fields. While the emphasis of the program is on points of connection between scholars of the sciences, social sciences and the arts, any student who is centrally invested in work that challenges the borders of his or her own field will be considered. Students must have a particular interest in questions of methodology and a willingness to engage in discussion about unfamiliar forms of inquiry. Fellows are nominated by faculty members.

Graduate Collaboration Grants

Funded by: Arts, Science + Culture Initiative
Award range: up to $3,000
Applications are reviewed annually in Fall Quarter

The Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Collaboration Grants are intended to encourage independent trans-disciplinary research between students in the arts, social sciences, and the sciences. Each group consists of two or more graduate students, with at least one in the arts and one in the sciences, who work together for two quarters to investigate a subject from the perspectives offered by their disciplines. Funding for the Arts, Science & Culture Graduate Collaboration Grants comes from the Office of the Provost and the Institute for Molecular Engineering.

Field Trip / Field Notes / Field Guide

Funded by: Arts, Science + Culture Initiative
Award range: $650 stipend
Fellows nominated by faculty and the Arts, Science & Culture Initiative

Field Trip / Field Notes / Field Guide is a trans–disciplinary consortium of Fellows from the University of Chicago (UChicago), The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), and Northwestern University. The program is intended to build an interdisciplinary community that engages Chicago's vibrant urban environment, providing a unique platform for exchange and connection across disciplinary and institutional boundaries.

Metcalf Internships

Funded by:  UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media (UCIJAM) 
Award range: -

The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program is unique to the University of Chicago. It offers paid, substantive internships during the summer and the academic year exclusively to UChicago undergraduates. Each year, the Metcalf Program offers over 100 opportunities to students in collaboration with UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media. These internships take place at a variety of organizations around the world.

Metcalf Apprenticeship Program

Funded by:  UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media (UCIJAM) 
Award range: -

UCIJAM Apprenticeships are part of the Metcalf Program and provide UChicago undergraduates with paid, experiential opportunities in the arts and journalism. Apprentices are placed with professionals and small organizations that administer on-the-job mentoring and training in these fields. In many cases, these apprenticeships provide “below the line,” hands-on experience that students otherwise would not have access to. Apprentices work between five and ten hours a week in opportunities that facilitate engagement with working artists throughout the academic year and the summer. In the past, UChicago students have completed successful apprenticeships with the Newberry Consort, Redmoon Theater, Von Orthal Puppets, and with a host of poets, filmmakers, and comic book artists.

Student Logan Art Fund

Funded by:  Logan Center
Award range: -
Requests reviewed on a rolling basis

As part of the overall goal to encourage active student arts engagement, the Logan Center provides resources such as space, staffing support and limited funding to undergraduate and graduate students and student groups doing work in the Logan Center. These projects and events need to contribute to the overall mission of the Logan Center, as well as have other sources of funding. Requests are reviewed on a rolling basis by a committee of Logan Center staff, graduate and undergraduate art students, and select department representatives.

Organ Lessons

Funded by: Rockefeller Chapel
Award range: -
Auditions held annually in Fall Quarter

Rockefeller Chapel offers two competitive organ scholarships per year. Students at the University of Chicago are invited to audition on the piano for organ lessons (advanced piano performance skills and general musicianship are prerequisites for the scholarship). Auditions are held at the beginning of the autumn quarter, and Rockefeller accepts up to six students for organ lessons at any given time. Rockefeller Chapel also has partnerships with major Chicago-area churches and cathedrals where students serve as organ scholars.

Music Department Lesson Awards

Funded by: Music Department
Award range: -
Auditions held annually in Fall Quarter

Music Department Lesson Awards are grants presented by the Department of Music to a limited number of registered UChicago students to help defray the cost of private lessons in applied music. These grants are awarded on the basis of competitive auditions, and may be used to cover up to, but not more than, 60% of the total cost of private lessons for the 2017-2018 academic year. Explicit preference is given to musicians who are active in one or more of the Department’s 15 performance organizations.

Support for Student Shows

Funded by: Theater and Performance Studies/University Theater (TAPS/UT)
Award range: 

Though funding is not awarded, TAPS/UT offers support in various capacities for the approximately 35 productions that are produced yearly in addition to program-initiated work.

Festival of the Arts

Funded by:  Festival of the Arts (FOTA)
Award range: $20 - $220
Applications reviewed annually at beginning of Spring Quarter

FOTA promotes art and creativity at UChicago by bringing together the diversity of campus—artists and audiences—through on-campus events that advocate arts creation and appreciation. Since 1963, SpringFest has achieved this purpose by transforming the campus into an art gallery/performance space and showcasing projects of various disciplines (visual, theater, music, etc.). FOTA helps student artists realize their creative ideas by providing funding, exhibition facilities, and curatorial liaisons for approximately 40 artists.

Dean's Fund for Student Life

Funded by:  College Dean
Award range: $750-$1500
Applications reviewed monthly, September through June

The Dean's Fund for Student Life offers students in the College opportunities to advance their chosen academic and professional goals, as these undertakings serve as an important source of innovation and learning for our campus culture.  Funded by donations from generations of alumni, the Fund exists to support and implement student ideas and development by sponsoring one-time projects as well as by providing support for the Uncommon Fund. Students may apply for the Dean's Fund at any time they are enrolled as a student and plan to be enrolled the following quarter. Students may receive funding only once during their College career. Funding requests made to the Dean's Fund are one-time requests and cannot be renewed. Applications are reviewed monthly.

Annual Allocations

Funded by:  Student Government 
Applications reviewed annually, April

The Student Government Finance Committee Annual Allocations is an opportunity for RSOs to apply for funds for their events in the upcoming year. Priority is given to funding annual events or programs that are an integral part of an RSO's programming, while remaining funds are used to support new, thoroughly planned programs. Capital Improvements are not eligible for SGFC Annual Allocations.

Student Government Finance Committee

Funded by:  Student Government
Applications reviewed weekly, during academic quarters

Along with Annual Allocations and Summer SGFC, the Student Government Finance Committee disburses the largest segment of the Student Activities Fee for RSO use. The committee meets weekly to review RSO funding requests; RSOs can request funds from this committee for an event or even a capital improvement.

Program Coordinating Council

Funded by:  Student Government
Applications reviewed annually, Spring Quarter

The Program Coordinating Council (PCC) is comprised of representatives from the 6 PCC Groups (The Council on University Programming [COUP], Doc Films, Fire Escape Films, the Major Activities Board [MAB], University Theater [UT], and WHPK Radio Station), Student Government, and an ORCSA advisor. Only PCC groups can receive funding from PCC. Conversely, RSOs in PCC may not receive funding from other Student Government committees.

Community Service Fund

Funded by:  Student Government 
Applications reviewed twice Quarterly, 3rd and 7th weeks

The Community Service Fund (CSF) is a funding body that allocates part of the Student Activities Fee toward events that are focused on community service. All RSOs are eligible to apply for this funding. CSF supports activities designed to improve the quality of life of the Chicago community, as well as national and international communities. CSF is operated by a committee of six to seven RSO leaders. In order to apply to CSF, you must submit a budget and have a member of your organization appear before the CSF Committee.

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Faculty, Full-Time Lecturers, and Instructors

Course Arts Resource Fund

Funded by: UChicago Arts Fund, in partnership with the UChicago Arts Pass program
Award Range: up to $500
Applications reviewed on a rolling basis

This special fund was established to help cover arts-related expenses for undergraduate and graduate courses. Instructors are invited to apply for small grants (up to $500) to defray the costs related to such arts activities as: inviting a visiting artist to class, organizing a class visit to a performance or exhibition, or providing arts materials for classroom use (recordings, videos, web page designs for arts materials, etc.).

UChicago Arts Grants

Funded by: UChicago Arts
Award range: up to $5,000
Applications reviewed quarterly

The UChicago Arts Grant program solicits original ideas from faculty and staff for the creation and presentation of projects in the arts. We are particularly interested in funding projects that create collaboration between arts and other disciplines.

Logan Center

Funded by:  Logan Center
Award Range:  -

The Logan Center helps to foster projects that support the enhancement of the arts at the University, increase collaboration across artistic disciplines and/or support our efforts to ensure that the Logan Center is a vibrant community asset. Logan Center staff works closely with faculty to integrate art into both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary curricular, co-curricular, and community engagement efforts. Funding is both direct and through providing space, technical staffing, project coordination, event and communications support.

Mellon Collaborative Fellowships for Arts Practice and Scholarship

Funded by: Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry
Award Range:  $40,000-$80,000

The Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry is a laboratory where artists and scholars experiment with forms of collaboration. The Gray Center’s Mellon Collaborative Fellowship for Arts Practice and Scholarship program supports projects that bring together artists and scholars (one of whom will be a visiting fellow; the other, a University collaborator, i.e., a faculty member, lecturer or staff member) for a collaborative project that encompasses research, experimentation and pedagogy. Selected projects will receive $40,000-$80,000. The Gray Center recently launched a graduate student internship program in which internships are customized to particular Mellon Collaborative Fellowship projects. The Gray Center also runs the Gray Center Lab, a 1,100-square-foot space in Midway Studios that can be configured to serve as a classroom, studio, or workshop, exhibition, performance and presentation space. The Gray Center regularly partners with faculty, graduate students, and units across the university’s divisions to conceive and realize a diverse range of activities that explore and experiment with the ways in which scholars and artists can meaningfully intervene in and disrupt each other’s ways of knowing and doing.

Visiting Fellows

Funded by:  Neubauer Collegium
Award Range:  -

Neubauer Collegium Projects are often rooted in collaboration between University of Chicago faculty and experts from other institutions. These collaborations regularly involve co-taught courses, formal meetings, working group discussions, or targeted training opportunities, all in a setting that facilitates rigorous investigation. The Collegium Visiting Fellows program brings collaborators from around the world to the University of Chicago for short and long term visits.

Faculty Research Projects

Funded by: Neubauer Collegium
Award Range:  -

  • Large-Scale Collaborative Projects: The Neubauer Collegium supports a limited number of large-scale collaborative projects each year. These can be multi-year projects (1-3 years), and may include whatever type of collaborative activities the proposing faculty deem most appropriate to the questions they are pursuing. Requests for support may range from $25,000/year-$100,000/year over the duration of the project (up to $300,000 total for a three-year project).
  • Seed Projects: The Neubauer Collegium supports seed projects for faculty teams wishing to explore collaborative topics at a stage not sufficiently developed for a large-scale award. Seed Projects may be multi-year (1-3 years), and may include whatever type of collaborative activities the proposing faculty deem most appropriate to the questions they are pursuing. Requests for support are accepted for up to $25,000/year over the duration of the project (up to $75,000 total for a three-year project).

Mellon Grants for Faculty Projects

Funded by: Smart Museum
Award Range: $500-$1,500

These Mellon grants are open to University faculty from all disciplines and can be requested in any amount, though most will fall in the $500–$1,500 range. Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis each year until funds are exhausted. Initiatives will vary in nature, but should make use of the Smart’s collections or exhibitions to enhance the academic life of the University.

Women's Board Grants Fund

Funded by: Women's Board
Award range: typically $25,000-$60,000

The Women’s Board Grants Fund is the result of our members’ annual contributions, which are then distributed each year to University of Chicago projects in all divisions, schools, and units. Women’s Board grants funding plays four distinct roles: catalyst funding for new projects, imprimatur funding to demonstrate community buy-in or endorsement by the Women’s Board, sustaining funding to support ongoing projects for which there is otherwise inadequate support, and capacity-building funding that covers one-time expenditures that further enriches and complements ongoing efforts at the University.

Arts + Public Life

Funded by:  Arts + Public Life
Award Range:  -

APL builds creative connections on Chicago’s South Side through artist residencies, arts education, and artist-led projects and events. Through these initiatives, including the Arts Incubator in nearby Washington Park and the Place Lab, Arts + Public Life supports the work of faculty and students interested in working in the community, acting as a catalyst and platform for projects involving in collaboration and exchange with our neighbors.

Court Theatre

Funded by:  Court Theatre
Award Range:  -

Through the Center for Classic Theatre and with the assistance of the Court Theatre Dramaturge, significant efforts are made to partner with faculty on projects.

University of Chicago Presents

Funded by:  University of Chicago Presents
Award Range:  -

UCP works closely with faculty in the Music Department and across the University to link faculty interest to professional concerts that are presented with pre-concert talks, symposia, etc.

Humanities Collegiate Master

Funded by:  Humanities Collegiate Master
Award Range:  -

The Humanities Collegiate Master provides funds to support arts in core courses and other related activities.

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